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May 16th & 17th

Events & Street Closing Dates for 2020

It is again time to plan for several TOTMA events.  The events that are currently on the schedule for 2020 are as follows:


Feb. 8                                              Second Saturday Sweetheart Getaway Giveaway

April 18                                           .5K Race Day Celebration

May 15, 16, & 17                           Old Timers Days Festival (Steampunk)

Sept. 5 & 6                                      Junk Fest

October 9, 10, & 11                      Fall Festival

October 18                                      Crawford County 200-year Anniversary

October 31                                     Halloween on Main Street

Dec. 5                                              Jingle and Mingle, Lighting of the Trees

Dec. 12                                            Christmas Parade



For each Second Saturday of the month, Halloween on Main Street, Jingle and Mingle and the Christmas Parade, we request permission to close the 400 through the 700 blocks of Main Street and adjacent cross streets to the first alleyways to the North and South for the following times:


              Second Saturdays                          10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

              October 31                                     4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

              Dec. 5                                              9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

              Dec. 12                                            5:00 PM to 10:00 PM


For the “Old Timers Days” and the “Fall Festival”, as before we request permission to block Main Street to vehicle traffic from the West end of the 300 block to the East end of the 800 block and adjacent cross streets to the first alleyways to the North and South.  We would like to block these streets from 5:00 PM Friday to 6:00 PM Sunday.  Closures requested for the Junk Fest are the same except the 800 block of Main and Fayetteville Rd./8th will not be closed.


The April 18 event is a new event in conjunction with “Keep Van Buren Beautiful”, and celebrates Earth Day, and we request to close the 700, 600 & 500 blocks of Main and Webster and the connecting streets, (7th, 6th & 5th).


The October 18 event is also a new/one-time event celebrating the 200-year anniversary of Crawford County.  We would request to close the 300 & 400 blocks of Main as well as 4th between Main and Webster.


TOTMA will be responsible for barricades, etc. as in the past.




Lonnie London, TOTMA President


Please call

479- 922-6862

with any questions